Aqus Cafe


Aqus Cafe is the center of the Petaluma Downtown Warehouse District universe. The owner, John Crowley, is a true community builder and hosts weekly gatherings of all sorts at his comfortable but artsy and airy spot located at the edge of Foundry Wharf. The food is delicious and they know how to make an excellent cappuccino as well as properly poor a Guinness. Indoor and outdoor seating is available and the regular crowd is warm and welcoming.


  • Jeffrey L Boal

    We just left a voice mail at Aqus Cafe. My wife may have dropped her cash/Umpqua atm card/Calif driver’s license there on Friday, October 12th sometime between 4:30 pm and 6 pm (we ordered from the Happy Hour menu). Please email to let us know if found or not. We can easily come back and pick up. Thanks so much. And the food was great. A fun place we just discovered while circling back to Petaluma Ave.

  • Andrew

    After spending $15 on a breakfast burrito to establishment, I left 20 minutes later, finally receiving my burrito, which is smaller than the average half a Burrito , on top of the fact that it’s the wrong burrito, not even worth turning around to go back and get my money. You guys should really stop all your Thank you for letting me donate to your cause.

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